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             Desafío del Caribe” – 20 patients, more than 10 doctors, 6 coaches, 2 countries forming one family  

      A group of 19 young Venezuelan and 16 Mexican haemophilia patients have started a great challenge: They are training hard to qualify and be one of the 20 swimmers to cross the sea from Isla Mujeres to the bay of Cancun in Mexico in June 2012.  “I know that we have to follow a strict training plan and that we will be regularly evaluated by the medical team – it will be tough, but I am sure we will make it!” Jinger from the Venezuelan swimming team explained to me with enthusiasm.

                                                            On your marks, get set, swim!

   The participating athletes responded to the national call previously presented by the respective patient association in their countries – “Federación de Hemofilia en la República Mexicana” (FHRM) and “Asociación Venezolana para la Hemofilia” (AVH). In both countries, the project was kicked-off with a first joint training session inviting the swimmers, trainers and medical team members. I was present in the meeting that took place in Puerto Azul in Venezuela and observed high motivation and union in both teams.  We organised a video conference with our Mexican fellows to have the opportunity to exchange experiences between both teams and get to know each other.


exchange between the tw“The union between Mexico and Venezuela is determined to succeed”, says Everth Herrera, head swimming coach from Venezuela who attended the meeting in Mexico to meet the team personally and start the o countries